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AF59 420 - Move Out Accounting in 7S
Course Description
This course covers how to complete the deposit accounting procedure after a 50059 household moves out.
Course Objectives
After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Complete move out accounting transactions for a 50059 household.
  • Post deposit accounting for a 50059 household.
Chapters and Pages
- Welcome!
- About Move Out Deposit Accounting
- Step 1: Getting to the Deposit Accounting Tab
- Step 2: Getting to the Affordable Move Out Screen
- Step 3: Completing the Affordable Move Out Screen
- Step 4: Getting to the Post Preview Screen
- Step 5: Posting the Move Out
- Step 6: Posting the Move Out (Cont'd)
- Step 7: Confirming the Move Out Posting
- Step 8: Completing the Forwarding Address Section
- Step 9: Completing the Deposit Summary Section
- Step 10: Posting Deposit Accounting and Printing the Statement
- Step 11: Confirming the Deposit Accounting Posting
- Summary
- Course Test

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