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SP 330 - Lockout/Tagout Procedures
Course Description
Even though you may not be familiar with these procedures, lockout/tagout devices and practices play an integral role in preventing accidents related to hazardous energy. This course is a must for anyone working with, near, or around powered equipment and machinery!
Course Objectives
In this course, you will learn:
  • About lockout/tagout devices
  • The different types of hazardous energy
  • The appropriate situations to apply lockout/tagout devices
  • Your responsibilities, as an employee, as they relate to lockout/tagout procedures
Chapters and Pages
- Introduction
- Why is Lockout/Tagout Important?
- Hazardous Energy
- Who's Responsible?
- What Do Lockout/Tagout Devices Do?
- When to Use Lockout/Tagout Devices
- Lockout Procedure
- Restart Procedure
- Teamwork
- You're almost there!
- Final Exam

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