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SP 001 - Introduction to Workplace Safety
Course Description
As an employee, you are your company's most valuable asset! So how can you stay healthy and safe? We'll take a look at some safety practices and behaviors to teach you how to address emergencies, avoid workplace hazards, and leave work every day as healthy as when you arrived.


Course Objectives
In this course, you will learn:
  • Your impact in maintaining a safe workplace
  • What to do in a medical emergency
  • How to keep your workplace secure
  • How to stay healthy on the job
Chapters and Pages
- Why Workplace Safety Matters
- Where to Begin?
- A Message From Your Employer
- Personal Protective Equipment
- Ergonomics
- Back Safety
- Lifting
- First Aid
- Infectious Diseases and Bloodborne Pathogens
- Fire Safety
- Fire Classes and Extinguishers
- Want to Get Away?
- Chemical Hazards
- Electrical Hazards
- Machine Safety
- Machine Safety (Cont'd)
- Workplace Security
- Workplace Violence
- Review
- Final Exam

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