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SP 130 - Ladder Safety
Course Description
For many workers, using a ladder is part of daily life. Unfortunately, this also means numerous ladder-related injuries - many of which are actually preventable. In this course, we intend to do exactly that: teach you how to prevent ladder injuries. We'll examine how so many ladder accidents originate, and discuss the steps you can take to enhance your safety, as well as the safety of those around you in the workplace and beyond.
Course Objectives
After completing this course, you will know:
  • The most common mistakes responsible for ladder accidents
  • How to perform a ladder inspection
  • How to correctly position a ladder before climbing
  • How to stay safe while working on a ladder
Chapters and Pages
- Introduction
- How Dangerous are Ladders?
- What to Look Out For
- Ladder Selection
- Ladder Inspections
- Ladder Setup
- Going Up!
- Working While On a Ladder
- Additional Considerations
- That's all there is to it!
- Final Exam

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