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YSR 100 - All the Essentials in 10 Minutes
Topic:  AnalyticsReportingVoyager 7SYSR,
Course Description
This course is the quickest way to get oriented to all the essentials of building a YSR report. In two videos, you'll learn how to create a property-based report with one scripted report section and one Voyager analytics-based section. You'll learn how to create the YSR report filter, map the filter to the underlying script and analytics engine, and use a top-level select statement to control report iteration and add email and attachment options. No prior SQL knowledge is required for this video.
Course Objectives
By the end of this course, you'll know how to:
  • Adapt existing scripts for use with YSR
  • Customize existing example YSR reports
  • Define YSR report filter fields
  • Build Voyager analytics-based YSR reports
Chapters and Pages
- Introduction to Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting
- Examples to Inspire
- Quick Start - Part 1 of 2
- Quick Start - Part 2 of 2
- Pssst - Avoid These Pitfalls
- Summary

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