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YSR 120 - YSR and Excel: Graphs, Totals, Grand Totals
Topic:  AnalyticsReportingVoyager 7SYSR,
Course Description
In this course, you'll build a graphical report of Occupied Area over Time using Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting. The course covers everything from creating the Excel template, to writing the script, to configuring the report in Voyager.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, you'll have a completed YSR report and be able to:
  • Create an Excel YSR template
  • Write a SQL script for YSR
  • Configure the YSR report in Voyager
Chapters and Pages
- Introduction
- Smart Markers and Sub-Totals
- See All the Options and Use the Add-In
- Subtotaling at Multiple Levels
- Multiple Levels (Cont'd)
- Labels
- Tips for Grand Totals
- Design the YSR Excel Template
- Add Smart Markers
- Design the Data Source: a Yardi Script File
- Upload the YSR Excel Template and the Data Source Script File to the Reports Path
- Begin the Setup of the YSR Report in Voyager
- Define the Custom Filter Fields that Appear to the User
- Map Filters
- The Last Setup Step of the YSR Report in Voyager
- Generate the Report
- YSR Afterwards
- Test

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