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FH 100 - Federal Fair Housing Compliance
Topic:  ComplianceFair Housing,
Course Description
Fair Housing laws prohibit discrimination based on seven federally protected classes: race, color, national origin, religion, sex (gender), disability, and familial status. In this course, you will learn why fair housing is important to our company, our residents, and our business and the steps you can take to make sure you are fair housing compliant.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, you'll be able to:
  • Explain the history of fair housing law in the US
  • List and describe the seven federally protected classes
  • Negotiate typical scenarios in leasing and resident services situations
  • Explain the fair housing complaint process
Chapters and Pages
- Welcome
- What is Fair Housing?
- Why Fair Housing is Important?
- Introduction
- The History of the Fair Housing Act
- State Law
- Introduction
- What is Discrimination?
- Acts of Discrimination
- Race
- Discrimination is About Perception
- Color
- National Origin
- Religion
- Sex (Gender)
- Familial Status
- Disability
- Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications
- LGBT Memorandum
- VAWA Memorandum
- Introduction
- Meet the Team
- Advertising
- Leasing Office
- Discrimination is Perception
- Property Details
- Property and Unit Tours
- Filling Out the Paperwork
- Leasing Recap
- Screening and Disparate Impact
- Service Requests
- Additional Thoughts for Maintenance Staff
- Treat Everyone the Same
- Email Communication
- Telephone Communication
- TRS Communication
- Resident on Resident Discrimination
- Vendors
- Holiday Decorations
- Reasonable Accommodations
- Reasonable Accommodation Policies and Procedures
- Assistance Animals and Care Givers
- Unit Modification Requests – Who Pays?
- Introduction
- Affordable Property Responsibilities
- Exception to Reasonable Accommodations
- Affordable Accessibility Requirements
- Keeping Pace in Affordable
- LIHTC Properties
- Introduction
- Who Can File a Complaint?
- The Complaint Process
- Direct Court Action
- Consequences
- Testers
- Avoiding Complaints
- Leasing Scenario
- Final Review
- FH 100 Final Exam