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HR 010 - Preventing Harassment
Course Description
This course provides training that will help prevent all types of harassment. This course covers the following:
  • Definitions of sexual harassment
  • Remedies under the law
  • Types of sexual harassment
  • Sexual harassment examples
  • Commitment to preventing sexual harassment
  • Promoting a healthy company culture
  • Detailed company policy prohibiting sexual harassment
  • Human Resources (HR) role in investigating harassment complaints
  • What if I am accused of sexual harassment
  • What if scenarios
  • Where to go for help
Course Objectives
This course will cover your mandatory harassment training. Our goal is to provide training that will help prevent  harassment at our company. Please review the items above for an overview of what to expect.
Chapters and Pages
- Welcome
- Company Culture
- What Counts as Abusive Conduct?
- What Are Examples of "Abusive Conduct?"
- Definitions of Sexual Harassment
- What is Unlawful Harassment?
- Types of Harassment Include:
- What Are Examples of Harassment?
- Why Should Harassment be Prevented?
- What is Unwelcome Behavior?
- Indicators That Are NOT Harassment
- Indications of Unwelcome Behavior
- Respect in the Workplace
- Retaliation and Work Situations
- Retaliation and Work Situations: The Law
- Did You Know?
- Social Media
- If You Are a Victim of Harassment in the Workplace
- Isolated Incident
- How to Prevent Harassment
- HR’s Commitment: Swift and Resolute Action
- Colleague’s Commitment to Prevent Harassment
- Taking Bystander Action Against Harassment in the Workplace
- Don't Be A Bystander Who Doesn't Act
- Think Before You Speak
- Workplace and Fun
- Is This Harassment?
- How to Report
- Protect Yourself Against Charges of Harassment
- Where to go for help?
- What is Equality and Inclusion?
- Legal Protections Related to Gender Identity
- Source Materials
- Here Are Four Important Take-Aways from Today’s Class
- Preventing Harassment Final Exam

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