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YSR 115 - Analytics-Based Report Setup, Step-by-Step
Topic:  AnalyticsReportingVoyager 7SYSR,
Course Description
This course is a follow-up to the previous courses, YSR 100 - All the Essentials in 10 Minutes and YSR 105 - Scripted Report Setup, Step-by-Step. This course proceeds more slowly through the main setup tasks associated with Voyager analytics-based reports, especially defining the YSR report filter and mapping filters. 
Course Objectives
On completion of this course, you'll be able to:
  • Add an analytics-based report section to a property-based report.
  • Use the Yardi Excel add-in to write smart markers
  • Map Voyager analytics filters 
Chapters and Pages
- Getting Started
- Finding Your Example Reports
- YSROurs Menu Set
- Analyzing an Example
- Mapping Filters
- Defining the YSR Report Filter
- Installing the Add-In
- Identify Your Data Sources in the Add-In
- Write Your Smart Markers
- More Fun with the Add-In
- A Note on Key Columns
- Summary
- Test

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