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YSR 130 - Custom Financial Analytics in YSR (Portfolio Reports)
Topic:  AnalyticsReportingVoyager 7SYSR,
Course Description
This course shows how to adapt an existing Custom Financial Analytics portfolio-type reports for use in YSR. 
Course Objectives
On completion of this course, you'll be able to:
  • Use Custom Financial Analytics to retrieve data for a YSR report.
  • Design a report template for use with Custom Financial Analytics.
  • Design and map filters for use with Custom Financial Analytics report sections.
Chapters and Pages
- Portfolio Reports in CFA
- Property Portfolio Report Setup 1
- Property Portfolio Report Setup 2
- Property Portfolio Report Setup 3
- Attribute Portfolio Report Setup 1
- Attribute Portfolio Report Setup 2
- Attribute Portfolio Report Setup 3
- Portfolio Reports and Account Code Masks
- Summary
- Test

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