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PD 121 - Time Management Module 2: Taking Control
Course Description
In this module, we will discuss four techniques for evaluating and managing a busy task list to allow you to tackle and complete high-priority projects and keep your workday running smoothly.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify the four D's of task management
  • List four techniques for combating procrastination
  • Describe two areas of risk employees may face when they have a full task list
  • Explain the benefit of delegating a task when it is an option
  • Explain the importance of deferring some tasks in favor of completing others
  • Identify what types of tasks can possibly be deferred
Chapters and Pages
- Managing Our Workload
- Meet the Shady Springs Team
- The Four D's of Managing Tasks
- Jump In and "Do It"
- Combating Procrastination
- The Pomodoro Technique
- Discuss It or Delegate It
- Delegation at Its Finest
- Defer The Task
- Key Takeaways

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