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PD 122 - Time Management Module 3: Environmental Factors
Course Description
In this course, we'll learn about various aspects of the work environment that can have a negative impact on time management. We'll explore common workplace distractions and interruptions that can derail us from the task at hand, and techniques for managing them. We will also look at how workplace clutter and disorganization influence productivity and efficiency. By conducting a Time Audit of your workday, you will evaluate your own work habits and routines that either support or derail your high priority goals.
Course Objectives
By the end of this course, you will be able to :
  • Identify two techniques for managing common distractions in the workplace
  • Identify two techniques for preventing interruptions in the workplace
  • Explain how clutter in your physical and virtual spaces can waste time
  • Evaluate your own daily and weekly activities and describe how they support or derail your time management goals 
Chapters and Pages
- Managing your Work Environment
- Meet the Shady Springs Team
- Preventing Distractions and Interruptions
- Combating Disorganization
- Organize All Work Spaces
- Auditing Your Time
- Tim's Time
- Key Takeaways

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