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BT 100c - Basic Navigation in 7S
Course Description
In this course, you will learn some helpful tips for getting around in Voyager Commercial. We will take a look at the basic contents, navigation tools, using filters and other tools to locate records in the database.
Course Objectives
After this course you will be able to:
  • Understand dynamic menu sets
  • Navigate to a Commercial Screen
Chapters and Pages
- Bon Voyager 7S!
- Voyager 7S Is A Powerful Tool
- How does Voyager know what toolbox I need?
- Menu Set is your Toolbox
- Menu Set Overview
- Exploring Main Menu Options - Dashboard vs. Quick Menus
- Exploring Basic Title Menus
- Exploring the Side Menu
- Search and ye shall find!
- Site Search
- Finders Keepers!
- Hot Keys
- Hyperlinks
- Jump for Joy!
- Putting Navigation to Work - (How to Find Vendors and Charges)
- Warnings!
- Test

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