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COM 120 - Effective Telephone Skills: Basic Communication
Course Description
In this first course on Effective Telephone Skills, we'll discuss the essentials of conducting conversations over the phone and introduce the relationship between effective telephone skills and effective customer service.
Course Objectives
After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Welcome callers using a friendly and inviting greeting.
  • Understand the importance of smiling while speaking over the phone.
  • Effectively bring a phone conversation to a close.
Chapters and Pages
- Introduction
- Smiling
- Answering the Call
- Focus on Your Caller
- Engage Your Caller
- Engage Your Caller (Cont'd)
- "Can You Hold, Please?"
- Transferring Callers
- Be Considerate
- Be Considerate (Cont'd)
- It's All in How You Say It
- It's All in How You Say It (Cont'd)
- Staying Focused
- Staying Focused (Cont'd)
- Documenting the Call
- Documenting the Call (Cont'd)
- Owning the Situation
- Handling the Situation
- Ending the Call
- Ending the Call (Cont'd)
- Review
- Let's See What You've Learned!

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