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MS 011 - Dispatch Board Setup in 7S
Course Description
This course explains how to set up the Dispatch Board for work order tracking and notification. 
Course Objectives
After completing this course, you will be able to complete the following Dispatch Board related tasks:
  • Notifications Setup
    • Creating work order notifications
    • Adding email templates
    • Creating roles
    • Adding property contacts
    • Linking email templates to notifications
  • Dispatch Board Setup
    • Setting up business hours and holidays
    • Configuring the work order display
    • Setting up the dispatch board grid
  • Performance Standard Rules Setup
    • Setting performance standards
Chapters and Pages
- Welcome
- Course Destinations
- Introduction to Work Order Notifications
- Setting Notification Conditions
- Creating Email Templates
- Creating Roles
- Adding Property Contacts
- Linking Templates to Notifications
- Setting Performance Standard Rules
- The Dispatch Board
- Setting Up the Dispatch Board
- Setting Up Business Hours and Holidays
- Setting Up the Work Order Display
- Setting Up the Dispatch Board Grid
- Conclusion
- Dispatch Board Setup Exam

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