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AF 001 - Introduction to Affordable Housing
Course Description
This course provides a high-level introduction to what affordable housing is and isn't, why it's needed, how need is calculated, compliance, and brief introductions to several of the most common programs.
Course Objectives
After completing this course, you'll be able to describe what affordable housing is and isn't, why it's needed, how need is calculated, compliance, and several of the most common programs.
Chapters and Pages
- What is Affordable Housing?
- Introduction
- Introduction (Cont'd)
- Compliance
- Why the Effort to Create Affordable Housing?
- What's the Purpose of Affordable Housing?
- Who Does Affordable Housing Help?
- So, What Exactly is Affordable Housing?
- What is Affordable Housing?
- Affordable Housing Program Varieties
- How Widespread is Affordable Housing?
- How is the Need Determined?
- Regional Variations
- What Do We Need to Do?
- The Importance of Compliance
- What's the Difference?
- Comparing Affordable and Public Housing
- Affordable Housing Programs
- Affordable Housing Programs (Cont'd)
- Review Time
- Summary
- Test

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