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PD 141 - Conflict Resolution: Addressing the Issue
Course Description
This course explains how to understand the issue at the heart of a conflict and effectively address the issue using the Empathy Feedback Model. Learners will be able to conduct a productive conversation with the other individuals involved to explore and come to a consensus about the issue.
Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Recognize important elements of addressing issues to better understand the conflict at hand. 
  2. Understand and utilize the Empathy Feedback Model to address behavior.
  3. Identify a productive conversation that allows for clarity and understanding of the conflict. 
Chapters and Pages
- Welcome
- Course Objectives
- Responses to Conflict
- Guidelines for Addressing the Issue
- Agree on an Acceptable Time & Place
- Agree on an Acceptable Time & Place
- Focus on the Problem
- Focus on the Problem
- Let the Other Person have a Voice
- Ask Clarifying Questions
- Summary
- Assessment

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