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AF59 100 - 50059 Prospect Guest Card Workflow in 7S
Course Description
This course walks you through creating a Prospect Guest Card to document prospects who are actively seeking rental housing. This is the first step in the leasing steps workflow. You must complete the workflow to qualify a household for HUD 50059 housing before that household can move into a 50059 unit.
Course Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Add a guest card for a prospective resident.
  • Enter leasing preferences.
  • Add household members as occupants.
  • Use the Quick Guest function.
  • Find specific prospects and residents.
  • Select a prospect from the prospect pipeline.
  • Document a contact event for a prospect.
Chapters and Pages
- Welcome!
- About Adding a Prospect Guest Card
- 1. Specifying the Property
- 2. Adding a Prospect Guest Card
- 3. Filling Out the Prospect Guest Card
- 4. Finishing up the Prospect Guest Card
- 5. Entering Leasing Preferences (Part 1)
- 6. Entering Leasing Preferences (Part 2)
- Adding Additional Household Members
- 7. Adding a New Occupant Record
- 8. Entering Occupant Information
- 9. Saving Occupant Information
- 10. Completing the Occupants Step
- 11. The Select Unit Step
- Using the Quick Guest Function
- 1. Opening the Quick Guest Screen
- 2. Entering Quick Guest Information
- Quick Guest Fields
- 3. Saving the Quick Guest Screen
- Explore Additional Functions
- Summary
- Final Examination

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