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AF 500 - 50059 Rent and HAP in 7S
Course Description
This course describes explains how to post monthly rent and HAP charges for HUD project-based residents.

You can post rent and HAP for a single property or a property list. In this lesson, you will post for a single property.
Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Review the Post Rent and HAP screen
  • Display and print a pre-posting report
  • Review details about charge to be posted
  • Post rent and HAP
  • Review details about a charge immediately after you post
  • Update the HAP month of the property
  • Review resident ledgers


Chapters and Pages
- Introduction to HUD Project-Based (50059) Rent and HAP
- Reviewing Rent and HAP Charges Before Posting
- Posting Rent and HAP Charges
- Advancing the HAP Month of the Property after Posting Rent and HAP
- Reviewing Resident Ledgers
- Reviewing Resident Ledgers (continued)

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