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AF59 520 - Rent and HAP with Retroactive Adjustments in 7S
Course Description
Participants in this course will learn how to post monthly rent and HAP charges for HUD project-based residents who have retroactive rent and HAP adjustments.
Course Objectives
After completing this course, you will be able to review the Post Rent and HAP report details about rent and HAP adjustments to be posted, print a pre-posting report, post rent and HAP, review details about retroactive adjustments immediately after posting, and advance the HAP month of the property.
Chapters and Pages
- Welcome!
- Before We Begin!
- About Retroactive Adjustments
- About Retroactive Adjustments (Cont'd)
- About Reviewing Adjustments
- Step 1: Getting to the Post Rent & HAP Screen
- Step 2: Getting to the Post Rent & HAP Report
- Step 3: Reviewing Adjustments and Printing a Report
- Step 4: Reviewing Rent & HAP Adjustments (Cont'd)
- Step 5: Reviewing a Specific Adjustment's Information
- Step 6: Reviewing a Specific Adjustments Information (Cont'd)
- Step 7: Reviewing a Specific Adjustment's Information Continued
- Step 8: Final Steps
- Knowledge Check 1
- About Posting and Reviewing
- Step 1: Posting Adjustments
- Step 2: Reviewing Posted Adjustments
- Step 3: Reviewing Posted Adjustments (Cont'd)
- Knowledge Check 2
- About Advancing the HAP Month
- Step 1: Advancing the HAP Month
- Step 2: Confirming the New HAP Month
- Knowledge Check 3
- Retroactive Adjustments
- Summary

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