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AFTC 420 - Move Out Accounting in 7S
Course Description
This course covers how to complete the deposit accounting procedure after an LIHTC household moves out.
Course Objectives
After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Complete move out accounting transactions for an LIHTC household.
  • Post deposit accounting for an LIHTC household.
Chapters and Pages
- Course Test
- Welcome!
- About Move Out Deposit Accounting
- Step 1: Getting to the Deposit Accounting Tab
- Step 2: Getting to the Deposit Accounting Screen
- Step 3: Completing the Forwarding Address Section
- Step 4: Completing the Deposit Summary Section
- Step 5 Posting Deposit Accounting Screen and Printing the Statement
- Step 6: Confirming the Deposit Accounting Posting
- Summary

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