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COM 110 - Email Etiquette
Course Description
Participants in this course will learn tips and tricks for sending professional email correspondence while avoiding some of the more common email blunders. Email etiquette is the primary focus of this professional training course.
Course Objectives
Following completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Describe at least three common email mistakes
  • Re-write poorly worded email
  • Set up an appropriate signature
Chapters and Pages
- Email
- The Importance of Email
- Wait! Is This Email Really Necessary?
- Calm Composer
- Privacy
- Virus Protection
- Your Signature
- Style Counts
- Oops, My Bad!
- Greetings and Salutations
- Grammar Rules!
- Precision, please!
- Recipient or Courtesy Copy?
- Proper Use of BCC
- Reply to All
- Don't Change the Subject!
- Clutching at Threads
- Proofread
- Delay The Inevitable!
- Haste Makes Waste
- Response Time
- Use Templates
- How to Handle Dangerous Emails
- Organize with Email Folders
- Don't Let Your Inbox Run Your Day!
- Empty your Inbox
- Less (Email) is More (Time)
- Outlook Tips
- Signature in Outlook
- Outlook Organizational Tools
- Advanced Outlook Settings
- Out of Office Reply

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